Fortnite World Cup: How to watch it, when it's on and who's won?

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WATCH: What's happening at the Fortnite World Cup Finals?

The Fortnite World Cup finals have kicked off!

Pro Airwaks and DJ RL Grime have won the Pro-AM, with FaZe Clan's Cizzorz and his Fish Fam taking the prize for the Creative Finals.

More than 40 million people from all over the world took part in the qualifiers for the World Cup.

However, only 100 solo players and 50 duo teams made it through to the event.

Top players like TFue, BenjyFishy, Lachlan, Ewok and Ninja will all be taking part in the events over three days.

The world cup has a $30 million (£24 million) prize pool, which is the biggest prize pot for an e-sports event ever.

It is taking place in New York in the US, at the Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Find out more about the schedule and who's in the finals below.

How to watch it
arthur-ashe-stadium.Getty Images
The Arthur Ashe Stadium can hold around 23,000 people and usually hosts the US Open tennis tournament

Tickets for the event at the Arthur Ashe Stadium have sold out, but fear not, as you can watch all the action online.

Epic Games has said viewers can watch the finals on certain streaming sites.

When are the Fortnite World Cup finals?
  • The creative finals will be on at 5pm UK time on Friday
  • Celebrity pro-am will be on at 8pm UK time on Friday
  • The duos finals will be on at 5pm UK time on Saturday
  • The solos finals will be on at 5pm UK time on Sunday
What's on?

Friday - Creative final and Pro-Am

fortnite-creative-final.EPic Games/Fortnite
Players are going to have to think outside the box if they want to survive the creative finals

FaZe Clan's Cizzorz and his Fish Fam won the Creative Finals which saw eight teams of four players go head to head to compete for a prize of $3 million (around £2.4 million).

The teams are headed by a prominent figure from the Fortnite community.

The teams play on different user-created maps with unique goals, including trickshotting and survival, and the team with the best time wins.

The tournament was split into four unique games, called sets, each one consisting of three individual matches.

fortnite-pro-am-logo.EPic games/fortnite
The celebrity pro-am match is one of the highlights of the Fortnite World Cup

Team Solary pro player Karim 'Airwaks' Benghalia and popular DJ RL Grime finished in first place in the celebrity Pro-Am match. The two previously won the Pro-Am at the summer block party.

50 celebrities team up with 50 pro-players in a Battle Royale like no other.

Some huge names took part, including Ninja and Marshmello, Lachlan and Liam McIntyre, and TFue and Nav.

fortnite-pro-am-teams.EPic Games/Fortnite
Pro-players like Ninja, Lachlan, TFue and Ewok teamed up with celebrities for the finals

Also, 13-year-old deaf pro-player Ewok teamed up with actor Jordan Fisher.

The $3 million (around £2.4 million) prize money is donated to charity.

The last Pro-Am was won by Ninja and Marshmello.

Saturday - duos final
Fortnite-players.BBC/Team Atlantis
Players Mongraal and Mitr0 are a mighty force to be reckoned with

Fifty teams of two players compete for a shared prize of $3 million (around £2.4 million) in the duo finals.

The team have to play six games, then their total points will be tallied - and the team with the most points will be the winner.

Some of the top duo teams to watch are 15-year-old Brit BenjyFishy and his teammate MrSavageM for NRG.

They finished first in the week two qualifiers and came in the top three twice in later qualifiers.

Other teams to watch are: Monrgraal x Mitr0, Hunter x Kinstaar, and Tschiiinken x Stompy.

Sunday - solo final
benjyfishy-fortnite-gamer.EPic Games/Fortnite/Youtube
15-year-old BenjyFishy from Surrey in the UK is one of the top players in the world!

The last match of the world cup is the solos final.

In the grand finale, 100 of the world's best players go head to head to compete for a prize of $3 million (around £2.4 million).

That's more prize money than Angelique Kerber and Novak Djokovic won as Wimbledon champions last year!

As with the duos final, competitors play a total of six matches with their points being tallied - and the player with the most points at the end is crowned champion.

Fortnite legend Ninja failed to qualify, but some other top players to look out for include popular streamer TFue, as well as BenjyFishy, Stompy and Bizzle.

ymqB_P0t from Asia scored 102 points during the third week of qualifiers - the highest number of points during a qualifying match.

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