Flyboard Channel crossing and other wacky challenges from around the world

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French inventor Franky Zapata has managed to fly a jet-powered hoverboard across the English channel.

He wanted to become the first person to cross a sea on a flyboard.

It wasn't his first attempt at the challenge - he tried ten days ago but failed after he fell into the sea.

He managed it this time though because he successfully stopped halfway through the 20 minute journey to refill his fuel tank.

During the crossing he reached speeds of up to 106 mph!

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WATCH: The daredevil failed his first attempt at crossing the English Channel

Franky's certainly not the only person who has attempted a slightly unusual challenge though.

Largest pillow fight
pillow-fight.Getty Images

A pillow fight might sound like fun, but we're not sure if we could handle this one!

The largest pillow fight took place in Minneapolis in the US in 2018. Over 7,600 people joined in.

There have been plenty of challengers - including in Amsterdam and New York - but none have quite managed to break Minneapolis's record.

The week-long footy match
longest football match.Getty Images

A 90-minute game of football can feel like forever if your team is losing, but imagine playing in a non-stop, 169-hour game!

Two teams in Cardiff did just that. In July 2019, they played the longest ever football match to raise money for charity.

Players in the match took turns to have a five-minute break every hour - or a one-hour break every 12 hours!

Thirty-three players took part in the challenge, which lasted a whole week. We feel tired just thinking about that!

The challenge that created a buzz
bee-beard.Getty Images

Not a fan of bees? Then how about having over 600,000 on you at once?!

Ruan Liangming from China holds the record for having the most amount of bees on his face.

They weighed a whopping 140 lbs - that's like having more than 20 bricks on you!

The challenge was inspired by 'bee bearding' - a 19th-Century carnival act used to attract bees onto the bodies of performers.

This certainly isn't a challenge we would recommend recreating if you're not an expert - and hope he wasn't stung!

Human dominoes!
mattress.Getty Images

You've probably seen the game where you build a trail of dominoes and flick them over. Well, imagine that on a much bigger scale, with humans on mattresses!

The largest human mattress dominoes record was set in 2016 in China.

Over 2,000 people attached themselves to bed mattresses and the challenge lasted about 15 minutes.

Hopefully no one fell asleep half-way through!

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