Heatwave: This week's a scorcher!

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Summer holidays are a great time to spend time outdoors

Get your best shades out and your sunscreen at the ready.

The UK is set to see some soaring temperatures this week according to the Met Office - we could even see some record-breaking heat for July.

Some parts of the south-east of England are expected to reach more than 35C on Thursday.

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This week could see the hottest July on record

For many, the school holidays are finally here and the hot weather might feel like the perfect opportunity to spend loads of time outside.

But, it's also important to be careful when it's hotter than usual.

Why is it so hot?
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Heatwave: Why is it so hot?

This week's approaching heatwave is the result of warm air moving up from Europe.

Weather conditions are thought to be similar to the pattern that led to soaring temperatures across the continent back in June.

Several countries in Europe experienced some very high temperatures due to hot air blowing in from the Sahara desert.

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Sunscreen and clothing can help protect your skin if you spend time in the sun
How can you keep safe in the sun?

There are lots of things you can do to stay safe in the sun.

For example, make sure you put on plenty of sunscreen, keep hydrated and wear clothes that cover your skin.

Heatwaves can be dangerous and in extreme conditions, it's best to stay out of the sun altogether.

Ruth May is the chief nursing officer for England. She said: "It's really important to take simple precautions like drinking plenty of water, using high-factor sunscreen and remembering to take allergy medication if you need it - as is making sure to check in on neighbours and loved ones who can suffer the most from heat and pollen."

Do you have any plans to make the most of the sunshine? And what are your tips for keeping safe in the heat? Let us know in the comments below.

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