Teacher presents: Should you give your teacher a present at the end of term?

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It's the end of term for many of you which means it's probably time to say goodbye to your teacher, but will you be giving them a gift?

Some people think it's a great way to say thank you to a person who has been so important all year.

But other people think there is too much pressure to buy expensive presents and saying thank you or making a hand-made card is enough.

The most popular gift to give is often something like chocolate, but online there are some bespoke presents for teachers which can cost over £100.

Sometimes a class will club together to buy a big present together or give a gift card.

What do teachers think?

When asked on social media many teachers said they didn't need presents and they don't want parents or pupils to spend a lot of money.

"A card with a nice message inside is more than enough. It's lovely that parents want to give gifts, but it puts undue pressure on those that cannot. #education" one said.

Another added "I'd rather have a nice card with a message I can keep, I have them all stuck on my office wall & they genuinely are re-read on bad days!"

A 2018 survey of 1,200 teachers by parenting website mumsnet found nearly-two thirds (64%) would like a heartfelt personal note from their pupils.

Almost half (47%) said they value any present.

We want to know what you think. Do you give your teachers presents?

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