London Mayor's summer projects to prevent youth violence

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The Mayor of London is promising more money to help vulnerable young people in the summer holidays.

Sadiq Khan said he'll spend £360,000 on 43 projects working with 3,500 young people at risk of getting involved in crime.

A report by the mayor's office says there's a clear link between youth poverty in London and the recent rise in violence.

Knife crime rose to record levels last year in England and Wales.

The idea is that when schools break up for the summer, young people have positive activities to help steer them away from crime.

It is a major issue in London and the mayor is asking the government for more money to try to do something about it.

The number of killings in London has been rising each year since 2012, with 2018 the worst year for a decade.

'Clear link' between poverty and youth violence

A study for the mayor's office shows that the poorer an area of the city is, the higher the rates of youth violence are likely to be.

A police officer (in high visibility yellow jacket) stands in front of crime scene tape on Lenton Boulevard in Nottingham, Tuesday February 14, 2006.PA
Recently, there has been an increase in violent crime incidents involving knives

Richmond upon Thames has the lowest level of youth violence in the capital - and it is also the least deprived borough in the city, based on official figures.

Tower Hamlets in east London is one of the poorest areas in England - and the data shows it has now one of the highest rates of youth violence in the capital.

Some people say there are too few services provided to help and support young people, including education, mental health services and youth centres. They believe that improving these services would help cut the amount of violent crime.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has said he'll put money into 43 summer projects for 3,500 young people.

Half of the projects are in areas which are in the top 10% for rates of serious youth violence.

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