Cricket World Cup 2019: England play New Zealand in the final

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Today is going to see one of the biggest cricket matches in England's history.

England are one match from glory as they are playing New Zealand in the final of the Cricket World Cup.

England have reached the final before - in 1979, 1987 and 1992 - but they've never won.

In the semi-final, they thrashed Australia by eight wickets at Edgbaston, in Birmingham, to seal their place in the final.

It was England's first win in a knockout cricket match since 1992!

That's the year that Disney's animated version of Aladdin came out! Could there be a connection?

Is cricket really coming home? Let us know what you think below - and leave us a comment.

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How did England win?

The plan seemed pretty simple - bowl Australia out quickly.

And England did it! Australia were all out for 223. Next up came the batsmen - chasing that total.

England_captain_Eoin_Morgan_in_action_batting_during_the_matchGetty Images
England captain Eoin Morgan in action batting during the match

England reached that, with Jason Roy smashing 85 before Joe Root and Eoin Morgan took England to their target.

England captain Eoin Morgan said, "This final is a huge opportunity for us. Looking back to where we were in 2015 compared to now it's such a dramatic improvement and everyone in the dressing room deserves a huge amount of credit.

"Making the most of it would be brilliant but getting to the final alone is awesome."

Eoin Morgan, England captain

What you need to know about the final

England_beat_New_Zealand_earlier_in_the_competitionGetty Images
England beat New Zealand earlier in the competition

England will play New Zealand on Sunday afternoon at Lords, in London.

The tournament has been on Sky Sports, which has meant only people with a subscription could watch it, but now a deal has been done to make sure the final will be free to watch on Channel 4.

But New Zealand are a tough opponent. They knocked out India, one of the best teams, in the semi-finals.

But the good news is that England have already beaten them in the earlier rounds of the World Cup competition.

That's why lots of people are getting very excited and asking "Is cricket coming home?"

Do you think it is?

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