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PAWmicon 2019: Meet the dogs dressing up for charity

These super pups have been dressing up to raise money for an animal rescue centre in America.
You might have heard of San Diego Comiccon, but how about PAWmicon? Each year the Helen Woodward Animal Center throws an event where dogs get to strut their stuff for charity.
dragon-dog.Getty Images
The event held at the Comic Con Museum helps to raise money for animals in need and owners can team up with their pets to wear colourful costumes.
wonder-woman-dog.Getty Images
Nelda the dog is dressed as an ewok from Star Wars.
ewok-dog.Getty Images
Sir Ruffles von Vicious volunteered to judge the costumes at the event.
king-dog.Getty Images
This speedy pup dressed as the hero The Flash in the flyball tournament.
flash-dog.Getty Images
Animals dressed up as their favourite superheroes, including Reggie here, who is dressed as Superman.
super-dog.Getty Images
There was even a category where dogs could compete with their owners. Iggy Boo and her owner dressed as a Judge.
judge-dog.Getty Images