Bullying and social media are 'key worries' for young people

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Bullying, social media and exam pressure are some of the things which young people in the UK are most worried about.

That's what a report by charity Action for Children has found.

5000 people were surveyed as part of it, including adults and young people aged between 11 and 18 years old.

Other issues included the pressure to fit in and "adult issues" such as Brexit, poverty, homelessness as well as the environment and inequality.

15-year-old Cathal from Newcastle in Northern Ireland says he struggled with the pressures of social media and got help from the charity.

He said: "It is so hard with social media and peer pressure to look perfect. We're all expected to one up one another and it makes everything more stressful. I think it stopped me enjoying being a kid. In school we have so much pressure too and exams are everything. You feel that if you fail them, your whole life is over."

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Action for Children wants the Government to do more to "put children first" and to help keep them "safe from harm".

The Government's Education Secretary, Damian Hinds, said:

"Although in many ways this is the best time yet to be young, I certainly recognise the pressures and worries young people feel...But we are equipping young people for adulthood in a changing world, by identifying mental health problems and providing support in schools, encouraging young people to gain resilience and skills through activities such as sport and music, and teaching young people in school how to navigate the online world safely and constructively."

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