Women's World Cup: The Lionesses have lost to Sweden!

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Highlights: England 1-2 Sweden

England have finished fourth in this year's Women's World Cup following their defeat by Sweden.

The Lionesses lost 2 - 1 to their opponents in Saturday's third-place play-off, a result which is bound to be disappointing for the squad.

Swedish players Kosovare Asllani and Sofia Jakobsson both scored in the first half putting the English side at a disadvantage, but hopes of winning were still alive after Fran Kirby's goal.

Swedish football teamGetty Images
The Swedish team celebrated after beating the Lionesses 2-1 to claim third place in the World Cup

However, England were unable to make up ground after Ellen White's goal was disallowed by VAR.

Despite finishing behind Sweden, England have still managed to place above 20 other teams in this year's World Cup, their second-best result ever.

Football players from English and Swedish teamsGetty Images
England played Sweden in yesterday's play-off match

There's also been a lot of support for the Lionesses from around the world.

Former England player David Beckham posted on his Instagram: "Tonight was a tough night for our Lionesses, but a message to our girls is that we are proud of you all... What you as a team have achieved is more than a game, a result, it's all about pride and passion and this game more than any proved that we are a team that will continue to grow and go on to achieve even more in the future..."

He ended his post saying: "You Made Us Proud".

What are your thoughts on yesterday's result? Do you have any words of support for the Lionesses? Let us know in the comments!

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