World Chocolate Day: Test your choccy knowledge

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A boy eating chocolate.Getty Images

It's World Chocolate Day! A time when people gather all around the globe to gobble up chocolate.

Chocolate is very popular all over the world and was said to have first come to Europe on July 7, 1550.

So, the special day is dedicated to all things cocoa - as people are encouraged to indulge in dark, white and even pink chocolate, and there's no competition between types.

So for those of you who think white chocolate isn't 'real' chocolate, don't be that person!

Some might say that it's a brave choice to have the event during the height of summer, but we reckon it's the perfect excuse to eat lots before it melts all over your fingers.

So, do you think you know lots about chocolate? Why not take our chocolate quiz and let us know how you get on below.

If you can't see this interactive quiz, click here.

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