Japan floods: One million people evacuated due to heavy rains

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More than one million people in Japan have been told to leave their homes after fears of flooding and landslides.

The warnings have come after days of heavy rain has increased the chances of flooding in the area.

People living in Kagoshima and Miyazaki on the southern island of Kyushu have been told to move to safety immediately.

The whole population of Kagoshima city has been told to leave, along with 930,000 people in the south of Kyushu.

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Kyushu is a Southern island in Japan

It is now thought that a whole month's rainfall could hit Kyushu in just 24 hours.

The prime minister is urging those in danger to "take steps to protect their lives".

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WATCH: Weather report about the torrential rain in Japan

In July 2018, Japan experienced one of its worst flooding disasters for years.

Two million people were evacuated from their homes and 200 people lost their lives.

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People take shelter in an evacuation to escape the flooding

Already one metre of rain has fallen on Kyushu and it's thought that the rains will continue until Saturday.

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