Glastonbury: The 10-year-old dancer who performed on stage with Stormzy

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WATCH: 10-year-old Princess K performs on stage with Stormzy at Glastonbury

Meet Princess K, the 10-year-old dancer who performed on stage with Stormzy at Glastonbury.

More than 150,000 people turned up to his record-breaking set on the Pyramid Stage on Friday.

Princess K was contacted by Stormzy's team, and was picked out of thousands of hopefuls to perform on his song 'Return of the Rucksack'.

She said it meant so much to her when Stormzy told her she was a "good dancer", and that the whole team treated her like "family".

Princess K performing on stage with Stormzy

The British rapper uploaded a post to his Instagram thanking those who took part in his performance, and said: "To Princess K - you are a superstar, the crowd went absolutely crazy for you and I'm so excited to watch you take the world by storm. "

Princess K has more than 88,000 followers on Instagram, and started dancing when she was seven years-old.

She describes herself as a: dancer, actor, singer, model and motivational speaker.