Junior Roadwatch: The school children tackling speeding drivers in London

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WATCH: The kids taking on speeding drivers (Part of the BBC's Crossing Divides season)

A group of students in London are taking on a big task - telling adults more than twice their age to behave better!

It's for a good reason - they are speaking to drivers who have been caught breaking the speed limit in a 20 mph zone.

Drivers are given the choice of paying a fine or speaking to the students, who are all part of a new scheme called Junior Roadwatch.

The idea is designed to encourage drivers to think about the real consequences of speeding.

Some of the Junior Roadwatch members

Drivers are asked questions such as "why do you think the speed limit is 20mph on this road?" and "are you aware of the consequences of speeding?"

The Junior Roadwatch sites are chosen by police and borough officers in areas where they feel there is a speeding problem.

What do you think about the scheme? Do you ever see cars speeding near your school that you think should slow down?

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