How do you make the world's longest water slide?

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WATCH: How do you build the world's longest water slide?

ESCAPE theme park in Malaysia, Asia, is set to open the longest water slide in the world.

It's 1,140 metres long, meaning it's almost twice as long as the previous Guinness World Record holder, which is 602 metres.

That nearly as long as 10 full-sized football pitches, and it will take four minutes to slide from the top to the bottom!

The ride is due to open in July when it will be officially assessed by Guinness World Records.


Mr Sim Choo Kheng, who helped develop the water slide said "breaking the world record was never our intention. I'm always baffled by how rides are made so short and quick."

"I wanted to build rides that last a good few minutes, with non-stop smiles and giggles as visitors fly through the rainforest - something never done before!"

Take a look at the pictures and let us know what you think!

The ride snakes through a rainforest in the Penang region of Malaysia

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