Dance World Cup: From ballet to street dance - here's everything you need to know!

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If you're a fan of street, tap or ballet, then grab your dancing shoes because the Dance World Cup is coming!

The huge dance event takes place in a different country each year, and this year it's in Portugal.

Over 20,000 competitors - aged between four-25 - from all over the world will be competing at the qualifiers and at the World Finals.

The finals kick off on 28 June and run until 6 July.

Who's taking part?
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The dance competition will be taking place in Braga, Portugal

A whopping 62 countries will be taking part in the big dance event this year.

Home nations England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales will be taking part - as well as Ireland.

Big countries Australia, Russia and the US will be joining too.

There will also be countries from Europe, South America and Asia competing for the title.

What kind of dancing is there?
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Each dance class requires a different set of skills to make it shine

There are nine different categories dancers will compete in, they are:

  • Acro Dance
  • Ballet and Demi-Character
  • Commercial
  • Fusion Ballet
  • Hip-Hop and Street Dance
  • Jazz and Showdance
  • Modern and Contemporary
  • National and Folklore Dance
  • Song and Dance and Tap Dance

Each of them require a different skill set, and will be judged and scored on their performance.

What's you favourite type of dance? Let us know in the comments below!

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