Hero rescue dog Frida retires from duty

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frida-the-rescue-dog.Getty Images
Frida became famous for her goggles and socks

Hero rescue dog Frida has retired after nine years of service.

The 10-year-old golden retriever gained fame around the world when pictures of her rescuing people in the 2017 Mexican earthquake emerged.

Frida was kitted out with special boots and goggles to protect her from dust and rubble, whilst helping rescuers search for injured people.

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During her career, she took part in 53 rescue operations in four different countries.

She used her super sense of smell to help save 12 people's lives, and became a hero in her hometown.

"Her bark always gave hope, and in moments of pain and uncertainty she brought relief," said Deputy Naval Minister Eduardo Redondo.

frida-mural.Getty Images
Artist Celeste Byers painted this mural of Frida

Frida even has a mural and a bronze statue in her and her handler's honour.

It's thought that Frida might move to the country and help to train the next generation of rescue pups in her retirement.

"Frida, mission accomplished, with honour," said Mr Redondo.