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World's Ugliest Dog: Meet the pooches competing in this pawsome contest

The World's Ugliest Dog competition is held every year in California, USA, recognising everything different and unique in dogs.
Meet Scamp the Tramp - this year's winner of World's Ugliest Dog! Scamp was rescued in 2014 by his owner Yvonne and it was love at first sight. She said when she rescued him he was bobbing his head to reggae music in her car. They won a large trophy, $1500, and a donated prize, which will be split between three different charities.
Scamp the Tramp, winner of the World's Ugliest Dog competition posing with his tongue slightly sticking outGetty Images
But how does the competition actually work? The dogs are judged on their first impressions, how the audience react to them and their unusual appearances. TeeTee was taken into rescue when she was taken from her first owner but is now in a loving home.
A dog named TeeTee from the World's Ugliest Dog competition with part of his tongue sticking outGetty Images
Despite the name the competition the organisers say the event is not about making fun of ugly dogs. It's about "having fun with some of the wonderful characters and showing that these dogs are really beautiful". This dog is called Wild Thang. He came in second place and looks very sweet with her super long tongue.
A dog called Wild Thang being held by womanGetty Images
This is Rascal posing in a pair of pretty cool sunglasses.
A dog named Rascal posing before the World's Ugliest Dog competition in black sunglassesGetty Images
Say hello to Puka. Like most of the dogs at the competition she was rescued by her new owners. The reason why she looks different to other dogs is because she has what is known as a cleft lip. Her owner says her best friend is a tortoise called Rocket Larry!
Puka the dog sat on grass at the World's Ugliest Dog Competition with an under biteGetty Images
Nineteen dogs competed at the event and even though they look different to your average dog, they are still very happy pups. Their owners have to bring paperwork from their vets to prove that they are healthy before getting involved in all the fun.
Image of Tostito the dog with his mouth open with his tongue sticking outAFP/Getty Images