Norwegian island Sommaroy wants to get rid of time

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WATCH: The island with 69 days of sunshine

The island of Sommarøy in Norway has a very different kind of summer.

While in the UK, sunshine days are very welcome for most people, these Norwegian islanders live with 69 days of continuous sunshine each year!

With no night-time, the 300 people living on the island choose to work, play, mow the lawn and paint houses at any time of day they want.

Now, they're campaigning to be declared world's first time-free zone.

Sommarøy.Getty Images
The 300 islanders like to work, play and sleep whenever it suits them

This would mean that they will have more freedom to live as they choose, without the need for a strict bedtime!

On 13 June, members of the town's council met with a Norwegian minister to discuss how they could become officially 'time-free'.

As visitors enter the island, they travel over a bridge covered in watches.

It is there as a reminder that when tourists enter the island, they leave time behind.

Does this sound like your idea of heaven? What would you do if you had 69 days of sun and no sunsets? Let us know your ideas in the comments below!

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