School bans students from saying 'like' to improve speaking skills

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A primary school in Bradford, England, has banned their students from saying the word 'like' during conversations.

Students will now no longer be allowed to say the word - often seen as a 'filler' word in a sentence - as a way to improve kids' speaking skills.

Single-word answers such as 'good', 'nice' and 'sad' have also been banned, with teachers asking for longer replies to questions.

Christabel Shepherd, Copthorne Primary School's executive head teacher, said: "When children are giving you an answer and they say 'is it, like, when you're, like...' they haven't actually made a sentence at all. They use the word all the time and we are trying to get rid of it."

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This idea has been praised by the Education minister, Nick Gibb.

Mr Gibb believes that teachers need to help children learn more words and stop using 'filler' words.

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