Toy Story 4: No animated short before new Disney Pixar film

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Woody and Bo PeepDisney/Pixar

We've got some bad news for animation fans!

One of the fun parts about seeing a Disney Pixar movie is watching an extra animated short before the main feature.

But with Toy Story 4 that's about to end! And we want to know how you feel about that.

The shorts started in 1998 with A Bug's Life, which was partnered with by Geri's Game, a short film about an elderly man playing chess against himself in the park.

It won an Academy Award, and from that point on, Pixar attached animated shorts to all of their movies.

In recent years we've seen Lava before Inside Out, Piper before Finding Dory and Bao before Incredibles 2.

But Toy Story 4 is breaking that trend and will be the first Pixar film since the original Toy Story without one.

Toy Story 4 comes out on June 21 - so let us know if you are disappointed or not by the lack of a short animated film.

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