What to know if you're starting high school

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The end of the school term is near and the summer holidays are just around the corner!

Many schools in Scotland and Northern Ireland have already broken up for summer.

The majority of schools across the rest of the UK will be shutting their doors in late July.

The end of this school year may mean the end of primary school for some of you.

Moving up to secondary school is an exciting time for many, but the jump can also feel like a pretty scary one.

BBC Bitesize has some fantastic information covering loads of different topics like myths about teachers, losing old friends and managing class work.

Are you a current high school student with some good advice for those about to start Year 7? We'd love to hear from you in the comments!

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It's normal to have worries about secondary school, but many people have been in the same position

You might have some worries about whether you'll make friends, how you'll get on with your lessons and homework or even if you'll get lost!

If you're currently in this boat, it's important to remember that thousands of people have gone through this and there's lots of advice available to help you out.

It also might help having a chat with family members or friends if you're feeling nervous or anxious.

Are you starting secondary school this year? How are you feeling about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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