Toys reunited: National Express wants to find owners of lost toys

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Do you recognise these toys? Are any of them yours?

A coach company has launched a campaign to reunite the toys left on their buses with their owners.

National Express, which has coaches all over the UK, has released some photos hoping that someone will spot their toy.

The campaign - called Toys Reunited - was inspired by Pixar's upcoming new movie, Toy Story 4.

Here are some of the toys waiting to return to their owners.

This patient pooch
lost-toyCHRIS ROSE
This playful pupper was someone's best friend and all she wants is to be found
This fishing bear
Taking a quiet moment's reflection this ted wants to catch up with his owner again
These knitted friends
lost-toyCHRIS ROSE
Feeling a bit blue, this little guy is hoping he can be part of his close knit group of friends again soon. Chin up, at least we've got each other says his pink pal
This dandy lion
lost-toyCHRIS ROSE
This furry friend is watching the clock until he is found
This wandering teddy
lost-toyCHRIS ROSE
Ready to take the long walk home, this guy's putting his best paw forward
This lost mouse
lost-toyCHRIS ROSE
Why so sad mouse? She's remembering the grass being a bit greener on the other side
This pinecone gathering cutie
lost-toyCHRIS ROSE
This little lady is pining for her owner
This reclining pup
lost-toyCHRIS ROSE
We hope this sweet puppy is rescued soon. He looks like he needs a cuddle
This forgotten bear
lost-toyCHRIS ROSE
This perky pal is looking on the bright side. He's confident he will be home in no time

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