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Elephant recovers from deadly virus after new treatment

A young elephant has been saved from deadly EEHV virus by a team using new treatment methods. Indali Hi Way had two weeks of intensive care to help her recover from the disease.
This is Indali Hi Way, a two-year-old Asian elephant at Chester Zoo. She's been very poorly recently, that's until she got some new treatment.
Young-elephant-playing-in-the-water.Chester Zoo
Indali was suffering from a disease called the elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus or EEHV virus. It is very serious and could have killed her. EEHV virus is really serious and is threatening survival of endangered Asian elephants around the world.
Vets-inspect-ear-of-elephant-who-is-sedated.Chester Zoo
Luckily she was diagnosed early and could get groundbreaking treatment before symptoms developed.
Vets-give-treatment-to-elephant-who-is-sedated.Chester Zoo
Staff at Chester Zoo are working with the Animal and Plant Health Agency and the University of Surrey to develop ways of treating elephants with the disease.
Vets-look-at-bag-of-fluid-attached-to-drip.Chester Zoo
She had to have lots of medicine and was monitored carefully to see how she was doing and now she's felling much better.
Vets-give-treatment-to-elephant-who-is-sedated.Chester Zoo
She has made a full recovery and is back to her playful self, enjoying splashing around with her friends.
Young-elephant-playing-in-the-water.Chester Zoo
Now she's feeling better than ever. It's hoped the treatment Indali got can be used to help other elephants in the future.
Elephant-lifts-trunk-in-water.Chester Zoo