Amazing swimming pools around the world

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infinity-london-pool-design.Compass Pools
Reports suggest that Infinity London will be the only building in the world to incorporate a 360-degree infinity pool

Plans have been revealed for a swimming pool to be built on top of a 55-storey building in London with uninterrupted views of the UK capital.

It's being reported that it would be the only building in the world to incorporate a 360-degree infinity pool.

The pool, designed by Compass Pools, has been given the name Infinity London and will contain 600,000 litres of water.

design-of-Compass-Pools-infinity-pool-in-London.Compass Pools
The floor of the proposed pool is set to be transparent, so people underneath can see the swimmers and the sky above

The floor of it will also be transparent, allowing visitors underneath the roof to see the swimmers and the sky above.

You might also be wondering how people can get in or out of this pool! Well, there will be a rotating spiral staircase based on the door of a submarine, rising from the pool floor. Just imagine the selfies!

But this isn't the only swimming pool that has made headlines. Read on to take a look at some of the others.


Deepspot, which is still being built, is due to be the world's deepest swimming pool at 45 metres deep!

It is being constructed in Mszczonow, a town in Poland, and is due to open later this year.

The Deepspot pool has a tunnel which is 45m deep, that's about half the size of Big Ben!

The pool will be filled with 8,000 cubic metres of water - the equivalent of 27 Olympic-size swimming pools!

And if you aren't a swimmer, you can walk along the underwater tunnel to get a good view of divers.

It won't hold the title of the world's deepest pool for long though, as a 50-metre-deep pool called Blue Abyss built in Colchester in the UK is set to take the title six months later.

The glass-bottom swimming pool in the sky

Scared of heights? Well, you might want to look away now! And you certainly wouldn't want to take a dip in this pool.

That's because it is located 152m above a busy street in Houston, Texas, at the top of Market Square Tower - and it has a glass bottom.

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WATCH: Take a swim and a look at the busy street below (Apr 2017) - Video from Market Square Tower Houston

Visitors can step out over the edge of the building, where they will face a stomach-churning view below.

But don't worry - there's a 20cm thick pane of glass between your feet and the empty space to the ground below.

World's first swimming pool bridge

Another London swimming pool that has made headlines is this next one nicknamed Sky Pool, which is currently being built.

Swimmers can peer down at pedestrians 35 metres below the pool

That's because it is a 25-metre-long swimming pool 'bridge', joining two 10-storey tower blocks.

The pool will have a see-through bottom so that those using it can peer down to the ground 35 metres below them as they swim.

You will need a few pennies to benefit from the pool though - a penthouse apartment in the building will set you back around £4.5 million!

These pictures are artist's impressions of what the pool bridge will look like when it's completed later this year.

It's hoped the pool will be finished by the summer of 2019