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D-Day remembered: The world marks 75 years since D-Day landings

Today marks 75 years since soldiers landed on the Normandy beaches in northern France to undertake the biggest invasion by sea in history. There are many events being held to remember this important day in World War Two, known as D-Day.
This photo shows the sun rising this morning over Omaha Beach - one of the beaches where the D-Day landings took place, exactly 75 years ago. You can see a man looking out over the beach from what was a German bunker at the time. The Nazis had control of this area and this bunker was one of their defence posts before British, US and Canadian forces drove them back.
man-looking-out-over-Omaha-Beach.Getty Images
Special ceremonies have been held today to remember all those who were involved in the landings or who lost loved ones. The Prince of Wales attended a service alongside the Duchess of Cornwall and Prime Minister Theresa May. It was held at the Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery in Bayeux, northern France - not far from the beaches where the offensive was carried out.
In this photograph, we see US President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte Macron watch as the French elite acrobatic flying team, called Patrouille de France, complete a commemorative flyover, following a special ceremony to remember those who fought on 6 June 1944.
plane-flyover-for-d-day.AFP/Getty Images
Veterans, families, visitors, political leaders and members of the military have travelled to Normandy to mark the anniversary of the event, which ultimately led to victory for the Allies over the Nazis about 11 months later. This photo shows a visitor walking through Normandy American Cemetery where the graves of over 9,600 US soldiers killed on D-Day and in the Battle of Normandy are located.
visitor-walks-through-Normandy-American-Cemetery.Getty Images
Some people who fought on D-Day are still alive to this day and many of these veterans have been guests of honour at special events to remember what they did. This photo shows some of the 35 Canadian veterans who attended a special ceremony at the Canadian War Cemetery in France, where the graves of 2,048 Canadian soldiers killed during D-Day and the early stages of the Battle of Normandy can be found.
canadian-veterans.Getty Images
As part of the D-Day landings, many soldiers parachuted into northern France to support the troops on the ground. To remember this, some veterans have carried out joint parachute jumps with serving members of the military. On 5 June, D-Day veteran Jock Hutton, 95, did just that. This photo shows him as he came into land after carrying out a tandem jump with the Red Devils of the Royal Parachute Regiment.
Jock-Hutton.Getty Images
There was a big event held in Portsmouth yesterday - attended by the Queen, US President Donald Trump and other important public figures - to mark the anniversary. It was an opportunity to remember those who had lost their lives or loved ones, honour veterans who are still alive today, and remember what life was like at the time, with special music and performances.
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