Huge swarm of ladybirds confuses weather experts in the US

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Weather experts in San Diego, USA, were very confused when a giant cloud appeared on their radars.

Upon checking it out, they discovered it wasn't a cloud at all, but a massive group of ladybirds, called a 'bloom'!

Thousands of the little red and black insects took flight at the same time, and flew together as a group, which confused the weather satellites.

NWS San Diego shared an image of the 'cloud' on social media, saying: "The large echo showing up on SoCal radar this evening is not precipitation, but actually a cloud of lady bugs termed a bloom."

group-of-ladybirds.Getty Images
Mass ladybird migrations are not uncommon

The bloom of ladybirds was first thought to be around around 80 miles wide, but after further research the weather service said they were spread across 10 miles, and flew at a height of between 1,525 metres and 2,745 metres.

Experts are not sure what caused the mass migration, but they think the ladybirds could have been migrating to mate and eat lots of aphids, tiny green bugs.

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