Plastic pollution: 'Pick up one piece of litter and rivers will be plastic-free' says environmental charity

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England and Wales' rivers and canals can be free from plastic within a year if everyone picked up just one piece of litter each.

That's the message from a charity called The Canal and River Trust, who are on a mission to clean up the nations waterways.

An advisor from the trust, said: "By taking a little care of their local waterway, everyone can have beauty on their doorstep".

And who doesn't want that?!

Volunteers for the charity spend more than 100,000 hours clearing 14 million items of plastic that end up in waterways each year.

The charity aims to out an end to plastic rubbish and urges people to pick up any they find.

They say that canals and rivers can act as "plastic highways", which was a "huge problem for wildlife".

A survey they carried out found plastics such as bags, bottles, disposable cups and food wrappers accounted for 59% of the waste.

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