Onward: Five things we know about new Disney Pixar blockbuster

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The first full trailer of Pixar's comedy is released.

Disney Pixar has released the full trailer for their new film Onward.

The film is scheduled for release in summer 2020, but that's no reason to not get excited about it now.

We've already had a watch of the trailer and picked out five things you need to know about the new film.

There's magic
Dad's trousersPIXAR

The trailer opens grandly declaring that "in times of old, the world was full of wonder and magic…" before bringing us back down to earth by saying "but times change".

It then pans down on to the world of New Mushroomton, a typical looking town.

We reckon there might still be a bit of magic though, because The main characters Ian and Barney are given a magical wizard stick by their mother, who says their late father left it to them.

They find instructions on how to use the stick, saying it will be able to bring their father back to life for 24 hours, but the spell doesn't quite work.

It only brings back his legs and feet.

And the quest to bring the rest of their father back begins!

There are unicorns

Yep, there are unicorns, but - bad news - they don't look the friendliest of characters.

There's Tom Holland and Chris Pratt

When you are the people who made Toy Story, The Incredibles and Coco, you can probably get whoever you want to star in your film, so the makers have decided to get two Marvel megastars involved!

Spider-Man star Tom Holland voices one brother, Ian, while Starlord actor Chris Pratt, voices his brother Barney.

Judging by the trailer the two brothers are at the centre of the film.

There's a quest

Chris Pratt's character declares the brothers are "going on a grand and glorious quest," before Tom Holland's character moans "it's not a quest, it's just a really fast and strange errand."

Judging by most Pixar films, we reckon it's probably going to be a big adventure.

There are pet dragons

Ian and Barney's family have a pet dragon in the film, and when it's not taken for a walk it gets angry and fires little blasts of fire from its mouth.

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