BTS at Wembley: Bouncy castles, guests and set lists - what can K-pop fans expect?

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This will be BTS' second concert in the UK

BTS will be performing at Wembley Stadium in London this weekend!

They'll be the first Korean group to play the famous stadium.

The 90,000 tickets sold out in a matter of minutes!

The boys have been touring the world as part of the LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF tour.

For fans who couldn't get tickets to the Wembley concert, it will be streamed online on VLIVE+ for a fee of around £20.

But, what can fans expect from the concert? Keep reading below to find out.

What songs will they play?
BTS will play some of their big hits as well as their new songs

There will likely be songs from their latest EP 'Map Of The Soul: Persona'.

'Boy With Luv' is a very strong possibility because it's their latest single, and they performed it live in the UK for the first time on Britain's Got Talent earlier this week.

In their first UK concert last year, they played some of their classic big hitters like: Save Me, Fire, Dope, Love Yourself: Tear and Answer tracks Magic Shop, Trivia: Just Dance and FAKE LOVE.

Recent songs IDOL and MIC Drop will also be likely, so fans should get to hear some of their faves at Wembley!

Each member will also likely have a solo section to allow each boy to show off their vocal talents, such as Jungkook's 'Euphoria' at their previous concert.

What will the set look like?
Check out BTS' roar-some set design!

ARMY's around the world have been sharing sneak peek pictures of the Speak Yourself tour, and the stage layout looks incredible!

Gigantic panthers, Jimin in a bubble, hologram hearts, Jungkook flying above the stage, fireworks, and an on-stage bouncy castle for the song Anpanman have all been seen!

The crowd will also be a part of the performance with their colour-changing ARMY Bombs - light-up torches, which sync up together and flash different colours.

If their other concerts are anything to go by, the boys will have filmed some cute videos which will play on the big screens in between songs.

Will there be any guests?
Could Halsey make a special appearance?

As with all K-pop concerts there will not be a support act before the band come on.

However, beady-eyed fans have spotted that on the Wembley tickets it says "with Special Guests".

Many people have been trying to guess what this might mean.

The most popular suggestion is Halsey, who recently collaborated with the boys on their song Boy With Luv.

Others are suggesting that BIG HIT's new up-and-coming band TXT could also be a possibility.

Emotions will run high!
bts-fansGetty Images
The UK ARMY will be there for them!

Jimin has said he's been feeling a little unwell recently, and he broke down in tears whilst singing The Truth Untold at their Brazil concert.

He said the reason behind his tears was hearing all of the fans singing along together with them: "I was deeply moved by that and it became a gift for me".

Hopefully there won't be any injuries this time, as Jungkook injured himself before their first UK concert last year, and became very emotional as he had to sit on a chair for much of the concert to help his leg heal.

BT21 pop-up store
The band's Line characters from the pop-up store

To mark the band's arrival to the UK, a pop-up store has arrived in Camden in London.

The shop will sell BTS and their Line character's BT21 merchandise.

It will run from 28 May - 2 June.

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