Facial recognition technology is coming to US schools

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Some believe that facial recognition technology could make school environments safer

Students in New York, USA, will be seeing some big changes when they arrive at school next Monday.

The Lockport City School District, which has eight schools, will be the first in the country to trial a new facial recognition system called Aegis.

The technology will be used to help security staff identify individuals who may pose a threat to students and staff members. It will also be used to detect weapons.

Last year, the district used $1.4 million it received from funding to install cameras and software ahead of the system's launch.

Why do some schools want this technology?

The safety of students has become a major issue in the US following a series of school shootings that have taken place in recent years.

In February 2018, a gunman opened fire in a school in Parkland, Florida.

America has already seen a total 15 school shootings this year.

Some believe that introducing facial recognition systems will help prevent these types of attacks from happening.

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There are questions surrounding the cost-effectiveness of facial recognition software
What do those opposing the technology think?

Not everyone is keen on the introduction of facial recognition technology in schools.

Some have questioned both the cost and effectiveness of the technology, while others have said that it could end up reinforcing gender and racial biases.

The technology will be piloted during what has been described as an "initial implementation phase" so officials can be trained on how to use it.

However, there are plans for the system to be rolled out more widely across the district by September this year.

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