Philippines: New law to make every student plant 10 trees before they can leave school

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What if the British government told you that you couldn't start secondary or high school unless you planted a tree? Well, how about 10 trees?

That has now become the law on the tiny island of the Philippines in the Pacific Ocean.

The new legislation says every student must plant 10 trees in order for them to graduate from school or college.

It is thought the new law will help over 175 million trees be planted each year in areas such as forests, urban areas and abandoned mine sites.

A politician in the country, Gary Alejano - who was responsible of introducing this legislation - said that if every one of the 17.5 million students graduating from elementary school, high school and college each year plants 10 trees, there will be an estimated 525 billion trees planted in one generation!

That's a LOT of trees!

What would you think if your teacher said you have to plant a tree when you leave your school before you move up to the next stage of your education?

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