Pokemon: What is Pokemon Sleep, Pokemon Home and Pokemon Masters?

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Pokemon boss Tsunekazu Ishihara gave a press conference, at which he made announcements about new projects for the Pokemon company

The Pokemon Company just announced some unusual new projects - Pokemon Sleep, Pokemon Home and Pokemon Masters.

A big press conference took place in Tokyo, Japan at which Pokemon Company boss Tsunekazu Ishihara revealed the plans.

Two of the biggest announcements were Pokemon Sleep and Home.

What is Pokemon Sleep?

Pokemon Sleep is a brand new mobile app which is coming in 2020.

It acts like a sleep tracker, which rewards players for sleeping - in a similar way to how Pokemon Go rewards players for walking.

Pokemon Sleep could help you to track your sleep to get a better night's rest

When a player is asleep, it will affect the game play, meaning that when they wake up, they will get a surprise.

Nintendo says it aims to "reward good sleep habits as part of a healthy lifestyle".

The Pokemon Go+ would sync up Pokemon Go and Sleep

The app is being made by the company Select Button, who previously made the mobile game Magikarp Jump. Niantic, the developers of Pokemon Go, are also helping.

The Pokemon company also announced a new device called the Pokemon Go+ which functions in the same way as the old device, tracking a player's steps for Pokemon Go, but the new version uses an embedded accelerometer to track a user's time sleeping and send this information to their phone via Bluetooth.

What is Pokemon Home?

Pokemon Home is a brand new storage system.

It acts a bit like a big virtual cloud where you can store all of your Pokemon.

Pokemon Home is one big poké-storage system!

It means that if you catch Pokemon on the Nintendo Switch, 3DS (using the Pokemon Bank) or your phone using Pokemon Go, they will all be stored in Pokemon Home.

This means you can store them and move them around between devices.

The Home system is set for launch in 2020.

What is Pokemon Masters?

Pokemon Masters is a new game announced by the Pokemon Company.

It will feature trainers from past Pokemon gaming series, as well as their main Pokemon.

It will also feature a 3v3 battle system and will be out later this year.

Pokemon Masters is a new mobile game