Conservative leadership: Who could be the next prime minister?

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The race is on to be the next leader of the Conservative Party and the new UK prime minister.

It's after Theresa May announced she would stand down on 7 June., although she remains prime minister until a new party leader is chosen.

Six Members of Parliament (MPs) are still in with a chance to become the next leader.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock quit the contest to become Conservative leader on 14 June.

Three people - Mark Harper, Andrea Leadsom and Esther McVey - were eliminated from the race after a vote by Conservative MPs the day before.

So who could be the next prime minister? Find out below.

Who are the Tory leader candidates?
Michael Gove
Michael GoveGetty Images / NurPhoto

Who: Environment secretary Michael Gove stood against Mrs May last time there was a leadership contest in 2016, losing in the final round of the parliamentary ballot.

Fact: It took him seven attempts to pass his driving test.

Jeremy Hunt
Jeremy HuntGetty Images / Dan Kitwood

Who: Jeremy Hunt is the only cabinet minister to have served continuously since 2010 as culture, health and now foreign secretary.

Fact: Jeremy Hunt lived in Japan for two years and can speak Japanese.

Sajid Javid
Sajid JavidGetty Images / Jack Taylor

Who: Sajid Javid has been home secretary since April 2018.

Fact: Before starting his career in politics, Mr Javid worked for two banks, so he knows a bit about finance.

Boris Johnson
Boris JohnsonCarl Court

Who: Former foreign secretary and mayor of London. He consistently tops first choice in membership polls.

Fact: Boris's real name is Alexander - reportedly his family call him 'Al'.

Dominic Raab
Dominic RaabJack Taylor

Who: Former Brexit secretary, who resigned after the withdrawal agreement was first published.

Fact: Dominic Raab holds a black belt in karate.

Rory Stewart
Rory StewartGetty Images / NurPhoto

Who: Rory Stewart is international development secretary.

Fact: Rory Stewart lived on-and-off in Afghanistan for three years from 2005. He has walked 6,000 miles across Iran, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India.

Eliminated by Tory MPs on 13 June:
Mark Harper
Mark-HarperUK Parliament

Who: Mark Harper is also a former chief whip, whose job it is to make sure the whole party votes in the House of Commons the way the leader wants.

Fact: When he stood for election in 2001, Mark Harper's wife, Margaret, also stood for election as the Conservative candidate in Worcester. He has two rescue Labradors called Chase and Sophie.

Andrea Leadsom
Andrea LeadsomGetty Images /Dan Kitwood

Who: Former Leader of the House Andrea Leadsom also ran for leadership of the Conservative party when David Cameron resigned in 2016.

Fact: Before politics, she worked in banks and she has spoken out about being proud to be a Christian.

Esther McVey
Esther McVeyLeon Neal

Who: Former work and pensions secretary who resigned after the Theresa May's Brexit deal was revealed because she didn't agree with it.

Fact: Esther McVey used to be a TV presenter and even presented on CBBC in 1991!

Pulled out before officially confirmed:
James Cleverly

Who: Brexit minister who also served as the deputy chair of the Conservative Party. He pulled out of the race after saying he it had "become clear" that was "highly unlikely" he would make it as one of the final two candidates.

Fact: He has spent more than 20 years as an officer in the Territorial Army, rising to the rank of Major.

Sam Gyimah

Who: Former universities and science minister Sam Gyimah was the only candidate to be calling for a second referendum on Brexit. He pulled out because he failed to secure enough people to support him.

Fact: Sam studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics and Oxford University, and became president of the Oxford Union. He also supports Arsenal football club.

Kit Malthouse

Who: Housing minister and former deputy mayor of London (another leadership contender, Boris Johnson, was his boss during that job).

Fact: On his website Kit Malthouse says he likes to garden, read, write, watch modern dance and "force himself into the gym".

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