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Animal Rescue: Dogs, ducks and rhinos - the animals that got rescued from the strangest places

After a St Bernard dog was rescued from the highest mountain in England, we look at other strange stranded animals and their incredible rescues.
A St Bernard dog was rescued after collapsing while walking down England's highest mountain. Members of the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) went to four-year-old Daisy's aid on Scafell Pike. The rescuers said she was extremely compliant, which made carrying her down the mountain much easier!
Daisy on a stretcher surrounded by rescuersWasdale MRT
This starling was found stuck in a manhole cover in Downham Market, Norfolk. With the help of the RSPCA and fire and rescue, the drain cover was lifted and the small bird was rescued. The starling has been checked over and will be released into the wild. The RSPCA still have no idea how it managed to get into the drain cover in the first place!
These firefighters in Graz, Austria found this little hedgehog who had managed to get themselves wedged in a metal gate. They had to use a hydraulic claw to prize open the bars! In a statement posted on Facebook, the team said: "With the help of an angle grinder and with particular care, the frightened hedgehog was finally released from its predicament." Phew!
Hedgehog-stuck-in-a-gateBF Graz
This raccoon got in a bit of a scrape when it got its head stuck in this grate! Firefighters spent two hours freeing the animal. The fire department said the racoon was doing well following its dramatic rescue.
raccoon-stuck-in-drainNewton Fire Department
This Mountain lion was rescued by firefighters after getting stuck up a tree in California in America. The big cat was spotted perched on a branch 50 feet up in the air. The fire crews had to give it some medicine to make it sleepy, and then safely lower it down with a harness, before releasing it back into the wild.
The mountain lion was rescued by firefighters using a ladderCalifornia Department of Fish and Wildlife
Qabid escaped injury after becoming stuck in a tyre at Edinburgh Zoo for about two hours. Firefighters managed to free the two-year-old greater one-horned rhino. A spokesperson at the zoo said: "He managed to get his head and a leg stuck while playing." Don't worry - he's now doing fine!
Qabid the rhinoRZSS/Siân Addison
It seems manhole covers are the places to avoid. This chubby rodent got wedged in one on its way out of the sewers in the German town of Bensheim. Firefighters lifted the cover while an animal rescuer freed the lucky rat. He was then returned to his home in the sewers.
A rat looks directly at the camera with half its body emerging from a ventilation hole - and its belly spilling over the sides around the middleBerufstierrettung Rhein Neckar
Prickles and nets aren't a good combination! This poor hedgehog ended up needing help from the RSPCA after it got tangled in a badminton net. The charity snipped the strings to set it free.
Hedgehog stuck in badminton netRSPCA
Over in Connecticut in the US, this deer got a bit stuck. I mean, ice is slippery enough with shoes on, but imagine trying to skate on dainty little hooves! This deer ended up flat on its tummy on a frozen river in Connecticut. Rescuers pulled it back to safety.
A deer trapped on the iceNBC