'Human cheese' created using bacteria from celebrities

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Mozzarella and Stilton using bacteria of Ruby Tandoh and Heston BlumentalYui Mok
These mozzarella and stilton cheese are made using bacteria of celebrities

Where would we brie without celebrities? Well we'd have five less cheeses.

A new exhibition is displaying five cheeses made from bacteria taken from the skin of celebrities - including their noses, belly buttons and even armpits!

Musician and cheesemaker Alex James, chef Heston Blumenthal, rapper Professor Green, food writer and Bake Off contestant Ruby Tandoh and Suggs from the band Madness, all offered up their bacteria for the experiment.

The cheeses are being displayed at London's V&A museum and it's gouda be great!

They included stilton made from bacteria taken from Ruby Tandoh's nose and mozzarella from Professor Green's belly button.

How does it work?
Professor Green and mozzarellaGetty Images
Fancy some mozzarella made from Pro Green's armpit bacteria?

Not all bacteria is bad and even the cheese you eat at home comes from bacteria.

Starter cultures made up of microorganisms or bacteria are used to ferment the milk over a long period of time and break down the proteins.

Often these starter cultures come from a packet, but scientists decided to try something different for the five human cheeses project.

They caerphilly swabbed the five celebrities skin, then mixed the bacteria samples with milk to create five celebrity cheeses.

  • Cheshire cheese made using Alex James's bacteria
  • Comté made using Heston Blumenthal's bacteria
  • Mozzarella made using Professor Green's bacteria
  • Stilton made using Ruby Tandoh's bacteria
  • Cheddar made using Suggs' bacteria

Would you try cheese made from your favourite celebrity's bacteria? Let us know in the comments below.

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