UK Environment: 130,000 trees will be planted to help tackle climate change

Last updated at 05:25
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Trees are great for the environment, they provide shade and do a pretty important job called photosynthesis.

And now we'll have even more of them - 130,000 trees will be planted across England's towns and cities in a bid to do more for the environment.

Photosynthesis is a chemical reaction that happens inside plants that help them create food as well as use up carbon dioxide and create oxygen which is very good for the environment.

Plants basically help to filter our air.

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£10 million has been pledged through the Urban Tree Challenge Fund to plant more trees in built up areas of the country.

It's hoped that this money will help the government meet its target to plant one million urban trees by 2022.

Experts say that planting more trees is crucial in the fight against climate change and it doesn't just stop there; trees in urban areas can absorb noise, reduce flood risk, lower temperatures through shading, and create green spaces for communities to come together.

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Environment Secretary Michael Gove said: "Trees are vital in the fight against climate change, which is why we must go further and faster to increase planting rates."

"We need trees lining the streets of our cities and towns, not only to green and shade them but to ensure that we remain connected to the wonders of the natural world and the health and wellbeing benefits that it brings us."

This new fund is a part of the government's Year of Green Action, a year-long drive to help people to connect with, protect and enhance nature.