Is this the perfect sausage sandwich?

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DISCLAIMER: Tasty as it looks, this is NOT an image of the perfect sausage sandwich

Newsround are here to answer the biggest and most important questions, and this is no exception.

What makes the perfect sausage sandwich?

Well, one food scientist claims to have discovered the formula for the ultimate breakfast sarnie.

Dr Stuart Farrimond says "lots and lots of sarnies" had to be consumed before coming up with the ultimate recipe, and here it is:

The "3 X 15 rule"

15mm thick slices of sausage (carefully measured with a ruler and cooked after slicing), between two 15mm-thick slices of buttered white bread (commonly labelled as 'thickly sliced'). Sauce optional.

Sausage sandwichGetty Images
Dr Stuart reckons brown or red sauce is optional

"Why white bread?", we hear you ask?

"The flavour of the bread must not overpower the flavour of the sausage", said Dr Stuart.

And the big question: tomato ketchup or brown sauce?

"Everyone's taste buds are different, so what tastes best to some people, tastes different to others. Also butter was the optimum choice as it has more flavour, but some people may prefer margarine for the texture - it's a case of personal preference".

Dr Stuart added the perfect sausage has a high meat content and must be sliced before it is cooked to bring out the flavour!

So do you agree with Dr Stuart's recipe? Or can you improve on "perfection"? Let us know in the comments below!

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