Football shirt hospital gowns for young patients

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Boy wears football shirt hospital gownPanenka

Being in hospital can be a tough time for some children, but Panenka, a Spanish football magazine, has found a clever way to raise their spirits.

A company in Spain has just launched a project called 'Las Batas Mas Fuertes' (which means 'The Strongest Hospital Gowns') that turns football shirts into hospital gowns.

Patients at Hospital San Rafael, in Madrid, have been given the opportunity to rock the custom gowns in support of their favourite Spanish football teams including Barcelona, Atlético Madrid and Real Madrid.

The creations were made in a workshop in Madrid.

Man cuts football shirt to be made into hospital gownPanenka

Alex Lopez Vendrell, who heads up Panenka magazine said: "Hospitalised children play a very difficult game every day, but if they put on their team's shirt instead of the boring green dressing gown, their mood can improve, making them feel stronger."

The project is still in its early stages, but the founders have some big plans for the initiative.

They are currently on the hunt for more hospitals and health centres to get on board with the project and plan to begin donating shirts to patients in June.

Alex has described the response to the campaign as "overwhelming", with support for the project coming from countries across the world including Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Senegal.

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