RSPB: Please take pictures of puffins eating for our survey!

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Time to get snapping to help save these colourful birds!

The Royal Society for Protection of Birds (RSPB) is encouraging people to take pictures of puffins with food in their beaks to help find out more about what they're eating.

Puffins are listed as 'vulnerable' to extinction in the wild, with concerns growing over their main food source.

Scientists are worried that due to a rise in sea temperatures, the puffin's main food source is moving north to cooler waters meaning there is less food nearer to their homes.

This means that their chick, known as pufflings, are not getting the right kind of food they need to grow.

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80% of the UK's puffin's live in Scotland

Back in 2017, the RSPB started the campaign to encourage people to photograph the colourful birds.

Since then, it has received more than 1,402 photos in the first year of the project - and they're hoping to receive even more.

Ellie Owen is leading the project and said: "We know that many people have been inspired by the plight of these plucky little seabirds and want to help them.

"By becoming part of the Puffarazzi, you'll be filling in key knowledge gaps currently holding puffin conservation efforts back and will help shape future advice for government on how best to safeguard puffins."

The RSPB has lots of tips on their website for how to stay safe when taking pictures, and avoid disturbing the puffins.

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