Animals found in the strangest places

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Tree frog found in bananasRSPCA

Sometimes we all fancy a change of scene, right? Well this frog took that to the extreme.

The tree frog from Costa Rica took a ride on a bunch of bananas to a different continent!

He turned up at a supermarket in the UK on Sunday, more than 5,300 miles (8,500 km) from his rainforest home.

Staff at the Nottingham Lidl supermarket named the frog Lloyd, and he's now being cared for by a vet who specialises in exotic animals.

But Lloyd's not the only one to find a new home in a strange place...

Spider family in a bunch of grapes

A nest of black widow spiders was found inside a bunch of grapes at a supermarket in Warwickshire.

A spokesperson from Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary, who are now looking after the arachnids, said the fruit had come from Mexico.

The black spider in a bunch of green grapesGeoff Grucock
A nest of spiders was found inside a bunch of grapes in Leamington Spa

Cat in a wall

This little tabby cat decided to press 'paws' on daily life by taking up home in a six-inch gap in a wall in a house in Essex.

Nobody knows how he managed to squeeze into such a small space but RSPCA officers had to demolish the wall to get him out.

Cat rescued from wallRSPCA
The tabby cat fancied a bit of chill time between two rooms.

Birds in a post box

A pair of blue tits moved into a post box in Essex back in 2016. Royal Mail put up a notice asking people to use other post boxes in the area instead after the birds were spotted inside.

Post box with Royal Mail notice
The new home for the blue tits

A badger in a castle

Staff at Craignethan Castle in Scotland got a bit of a surprise when a badger decided to set up camp in a cellar tunnel.

The castle was forced to close the tunnel whilst they persuaded the badger to come out. Aww, sounds like he just wanted some 'me time'.

Left image shows a cute badger, right image shows Craignethan Castle in Scotland.Getty Images
A badger was looking for a bit of space in the cellar of an old Scottish castle

Feathery friend on a footpath

A footpath in Norfolk unveiled by Sir David Attenborough was forced to close just three days after opening, because a bird made its nest there.

An oystercatcher liked "Attenborough's Walk" so much that it decided to move in.

An oystercatcherRSPB
An oystercatcher like this decided a footpath was a great place to set up home.