The 5G bus keeping passengers entertained

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The 5G bus entertaining passengers

Imagine if this was your school bus... you'd never want to leave. Passengers in South West China can now stay ultra-connected with a 5G-equipped bus.

The 563 bus route in Guiyang, southwest China, now comes with the high-speed network.

They have also equipped some of the buses with screens and VR equipment to show off what 5G can do.

Inside the 5G busGuizhou Radio TV Station
A communications company showed off what 5G could do with high-definition video.

People can watch ultra HD films which take seconds to download. They can even experience virtual reality live broadcasting.

In the UK we have 3G and 4G to connect us to the internet when we are out and about. 5G will make internet connections even faster.

What else can 5G be used for?

5G is short for fifth generation mobile networks.

It will make internet connections faster. Films will download in seconds and mobile gamers will have less delay when pressing a button on a controller and seeing the effect on screen.

Experts say that in the future 5G will be used for much more than mobile phones. Driverless cars will be able to use it to communicate with each other, read live map and get traffic info.

Mobile phones will need to be compatible with 5G to be able to use the network.

Even though mobile phone companies say that they will be launching 5G in the UK soon, it might be a while until buses like this 5G bus in China become common in the UK.

What do you think? Would you like to travel on a 5G bus?

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