Estepona slide: 38-metre street slide connecting two streets in Spanish town is closed

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slide-in-Estepona-SpainAyuntamiento Estepona

How would you like a massive slide connecting your town?

Just a few days ago, a small town in Spain revealed a 38-metre-one connecting two of its streets.

It was seen as a fun, quick way of getting down what was previously a big flight of steps.

Unfortunately for the thrill seekers in the town of Estepona, the stainless steel slide had to be shut down by the local government.

It's because some of people got cuts and bruises after they went down it!

The slide is really steep. It's at a gradient of 34 degrees.

It was advertised as a mode of travel for all ages but lots of people on social media said they'd flown off the edge too quickly.

The council responded by saying that more than 1,000 people had used it safely and that people who were injured weren't using it properly.

They've started fresh safety checks on the slide and have closed it for the time being.

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