Minecraft: 10-year anniversary map released for fans

Last updated at 15:00
The HUGE map features lots of different buildings, puzzles and secrets for players to figure out

Minecraft has released a special 10th anniversary map that's like a giant theme park!

Makers Mojang has teamed up with top Minecraft designers Blockworks to help them make a special map.

They wanted it to be a celebration of the history of the game, and show how far it's grown since it first launched in 2009.

The massive map features rides, puzzles, statues and museums of all the monsters, animals and blocks available in the Minecraft world.

There are giant versions of the creatures on display in some parts of the map

The map starts with a mine cart ride, which takes players through the history of Minecraft - a bit like the "it's a small world after all" ride.

Then players can enter a block museum, which tells them the story behind each block, and tips on how to use them.

The map also has a similar museum for all of its animals and monsters, such as creepers and endermen.

The museum of blocks has every single block ever made in the game

Minecraft also encouraged players to "keep an eye out for hidden Easter eggs and secrets" in a recent blog post.

Designers Blockworks said the map was a "tribute to the creative, curious and adventurous community of Minecrafters worldwide."

There's more to come too. Minecraft has revealed that they have some big announcements coming on 17 May, as part of their 10th birthday celebrations.