SB Frankfort: All-girls footie team win under-12 boys' league

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SB Frankfort under 12s girls' teamSB Frankfort

SB Frankfort's all-girls junior football team have been declared champions of a boys' league.

The team were formed four years ago because there were no other girls' sides in their area and they are now thought to be the first UK team of girls to win a boys' league.

The under-12 girls' team have scored a whopping 75 goals across the season and have not lost a single match! They won 14 of their 17 games and have drawn the other three.

The team are based in Plymouth and won the Devon Junior and Minor league.

They have two matches left to play in the season.

James Brown-Tunnell, the team's head coach, said, "It's been an absolute pleasure coaching these girls, not just this season but for the past four years. The girls have been fantastic all season long, showing great character and determination.

The team are always sent out first and foremost to be respectful, work hard and never give up, these morals are an important part to the success this season, along with their talent and ability."

We couldn't be happier for the girls and I'm sure this will live long in their memory!

James Brown-Tunnell, SB Frankfort, under-12 girls' team coach
SB Frankfort under 12s girls' teamSB Frankfort

The team will end the season against Morley Rangers, in the League Cup Final next weekend.

Matt, who is the team manger from Morley under-12, congratulated the girls on their title win; "There's a unanimous agreement with all managers I've chin wagged with before each game, that you are the best footballing side, so fully deserved. Well done"

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