Quiz: Caught snoozing or just caught off guard?

Last updated at 07:17
Lots of people were talking about the moment when it LOOKED like John Higgins had fallen asleep when his opponent was playing (he told reporters he was actually looking up at a TV screen!)

Snooker is tactical, tricky and can be very tense, but when it's on the TV, some people say it's a perfect opportunity for a nap!

But you don't expect a player to have a snooze mid-match!

Well, John Higgins was caught on camera appearing to have fallen asleep during his World Championship quarter-final against Neil Robertson on Wednesday.

But John told reporters he was in fact watching a TV screen above his head!

It's not the first time someone has been caught on camera looking like they are asleep. But can you tell the difference between someone who has been caught napping or just been caught off-guard with their eyes shut?

Take the quiz below! (If you can't see it, click here. )