1p and 2p coins will be used 'for years to come'

Last updated at 06:20
A-picture-of-1p-and-2p-coinsGetty Images

Don't worry - your big jar of 1p and 2p coins is safe!

Chancellor Phillip Hammond has decided to keep the copper coins in circulation so that people have a choice of how to spend their money.

The Treasury, who look after the UK's money, were considering scrapping them because nowadays a lot of people pay on their cards or using mobile phones.

But it has now confirmed the coins will continue to be used "for years to come".

Those opposed to getting rid of them said the move may have made things more expensive, as prices would have been rounded up to the nearest 5p if copper coins had been scrapped.

Recent surveys have suggested that many 1p and 2p coins are only used once before being put in a jar or discarded, while one in 12 are actually thrown in the bin!

Many countries, including Canada, Australia, Brazil and Sweden, have already ditched their low-value coins.