1p and 2p coins being scrapped: What do you think?

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WATCH: 1p and 2p coins could be scrapped, but what do you think?

Many of us have got a jar of 1p and 2p coins saved somewhere, but it may not be possible to do this in future as Chancellor Philip Hammond is set to decide whether to keep or get rid of them this week.

Surveys suggest more than half of the UK's small coins were only used once before being put in a jar or thrown away.

Some people think getting rid of the coins makes sense because lots of people now just pay on their cards or using mobile phones. But others think it'd make things more expensive as prices would be rounded up to the nearest 5p if copper coins were scrapped.

Many countries, including Canada, have already ditched their lowest value coins.

So what do you think? Should 1p and 2p coins be scrapped? Have your say and leave a comment below!

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