UK moor fires: How do moor fires start?

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Moor fire.Getty Images

While many of us will have enjoyed the warmest Easter Sunday on record, several fires raged across the country, on moors in North Yorkshire, the Peak District, and in Northern Ireland.

One of the fires on Marsden Moor in West Yorkshire - where 700 acres (about 350 football pitches) was destroyed - is thought to have been started by a disposable barbeque.

A National Trust Spokesperson said: "We're devastated to see the destruction caused. Please help us protect the moors and wildlife by calling the fire brigade immediately if you spot any signs of fire."

"We need our visitors' help to prevent the risk of fire across the countryside that we care for, particularly when we experience prolonged periods of dry weather."

The fire on Marsden Moor broke out on Sunday@yorkshirepudd15
A fire broke out on Marsden Moor on Sunday evening

More than 100 firefighters also tackled a fire in very hot conditions on Ilkley Moor, in West Yorkshire. Police investigating the cause of that fire have arrested and charged a man in connection with it.

A helicopter was brought in on Sunday to drop tonnes of water onto the smouldering moorland.

Elsewhere, more than 50 firefighters are battling to get a mile long blaze under control that broke out on the Mourne Mountains in County Down, Northern Ireland.

Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland all enjoyed their warmest Easter Sunday on record, according to the Met Office.

Firefighters tackling a moor fire.Getty Images
Firefighters have battles to contain blazes on moorland across the country
How do moor fires start?

When it gets really warm, like it has been for the last few days, plants on moorland become really dry.

Hot temperatures can mean grass or plants catch fire and because they're so dry the fire can spread quickly. The problem can get worse if people start fires intentionally, don't properly put out disposable barbeques, or throw things like cigarettes on to the ground.

The fire service has given this advice to stop moor fires from happening.