Prince Louis celebrates first birthday

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Prince Louis smilingDuchess of Cambridge
The Duchess of Cambridge took these pictures to celebrate Louis' birthday

Happy birthday to Prince Louis who is one year old today!

The Prince, who is fifth in line to the throne, was born to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on 23 April 2018.

He is their third child after siblings Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

The Duchess of Cambridge celebrated by taking pictures of her youngest child.

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Prince Louis on the left and Prince George on the rightDuchess of Cambridge / Getty Images
You might need a double-take for this, because Prince Louis looks like a twin of his older brother Prince George
Prince Louis smilingDuchess of Cambridge
Prince Louis is all smiles for his birthday
Duchess of Cambridge with newborn Prince LouisGetty Images
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge first introduced Prince Louis to the public on his birthday last year

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