Record temperatures for the UK this weekend

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The UK is set for record temperatures this weekend - here is how you can stay safe in hot weather!

Bye, bye April showers - it appears that this weekend is set to be the hottest so far in 2019, and perhaps since records began.

Forecasters believe that the weather will get as hot as 26C on Sunday and 27C on Monday! The previous record for Easter Sunday was 25.3C in 2011.

North-west Scotland might not be as lucky, as there are a few showers that might break, but otherwise it's a dry and sunny day for many in the UK!

Lots of you will be taking advantage of the hot, long weekend - but remember to be careful out there!

We have some top tips for staying safe in the sun:

1. Whack on some sun screen: Yes, it can be a bit smelly, but it will keep you safe from sunburn which is very harmful to your skin! Make sure to use a high factor sunscreen and top it up every two hours. And don't forget your hat and sunnies!

2. Drink lots of water: Keep your energy levels up by staying hydrated.

3. Take some time to chill: We know everyone loves a sunny day, but it's good to stay cool as well. Take a bit of time to chill in the shade as well - especially at midday when the sun is at its hottest.

And don't forget to check out our top tips for staying cool in a heatwave. Some strange ones in there!

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